Why you need to do the Kindness Rock Project

Published: 05th July 2018

If you’re looking for a great craft project over the school holidays then this could be the one you’ve been searching for:  the Kindness Rock Project. Okay, what is the Kindness Rock Project, we hear you ask?!

What is the Kindness Rock Project?

The Kindness Rock Project is all about encouraging you to leave a nice message on a rock and then leave it where somebody else might find it. You never know: the message on the rock could make somebody’s day or it could even change their life.

The ‘pay-it-forward’ service was created by life coach Megan Murphy who says, “Your legacy is every life you touch, become an activist for kindness.’

How did it start?

It all started when Megan, who lost her parents when she was in her 20s, was having troubles in her life. She’d spent hours walking along the beach near her home in Cape Cod in the US, talking to her long lost parents and asking them for advice and guidance.

If she found a heart-shaped rock, she would think of her father. If she found a piece of sea-glass, she’d think of her mum. It would make her feel connected to them and that she was never alone.

On a whim, Megan decided to take a rock and write an inspirational message and then leave it on the beach. She did this with about five rocks and was amazed that, that night, a texted her a photo of one of the rocks, asking if she had left it there.  Megan denied it was her, but she was happy to hear her friend say that the rock had made her day. So that’s how the Kindness Rock Project was born.

How to get involved

So how can you carry out your own Kindness Rock Project? It’s very simple!

First you need to collect the rocks, then get yourself some paint and maybe just start with 4-5 rocks and write whatever inspirational message you can think of: the internet is filled with pages featuring inspirational quotes.

You can leave your rocks on the beach, in a park or, if you’re concerned about places you shouldn’t leave your rocks, you can always contact your local council.

Megan Murphy wants the Kindness Rock Project to involve anybody who feels the need to spread kindness (that should mean everybody, right?!) She’d also love it if people could find space on their rock to include #thekindnessrockproject so she’s able to tag the locations the project has been – so far it’s been tagged across the US, Canada, Thailand, Italy, the UK, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland – and it’s started to take off in Australia too! So chat to the kids about the Kindness Rock Project and start collecting rocks and ideas for where to place them. You never know, you might make somebody’s day!

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