Top Five Kids Birthday Party Trends For 2018

Published: 22nd April 2018

It wasn’t long ago that kids parties were simple. It usually involved Pass the Parcel, an Egg and Spoon Race, a treasure hunt and a goodie bag filled with lollies as you bid the birthday girl or boy farewell.

But things have changed and these days most parties involve a little more. Kids parties are now FABULOUS!  

If you're interested in what's trending in 2018, we have the scoop on what's hot. Here are the Top Five Trending Birthday Parties for 2018:

Unicorn Parties

Unicorns Parties are so on trend. Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Terry Biviano have jumped on the unicorn bandwagon, having the ultimate unicorn parties for their children. 

It seems kids of both genders find the fairy-tale concept of unicorns utterly fascinating and My Best Gift is definitely 'on trend' with our range of Unicorn Parties. What better way to indulge your child's love of make-believe by having a 'real' unicorn turn up in your backyard?

There are so many different Unicorn Party options available. Each party features a well-trained 'Unicorn pony' (or ponies if you require more than one), an entertaining party host and the option to groom the beautiful Unicorn. Children absolutely love these magical parties making them very popular with all ages.

Slime Parties

Slime is all the rage right now, it's everywhere you look! So what better way to delight than to have an awesome Slime Party? Kids can make the slime themselves which, of course, is half the fun – My Best Gift has a great Slime Recipe for you to follow. Or you can have 'slime party experts' come to your house. They provide the slime and you provide the space. If your kids think, nothing is more fabulous than pouring a bucket of slime over their friends' heads, then this is the party for them! If you have a slope in your yard, you can get a sheet of plastic and turn it into a slimey slip and slide. When it comes to slime, the possibilities are endless! 

Paw Patrol Parties

Paw Patrol is so popular with the kids! And with Rebecca Judd jumping on the Paw Patrol Party bus it's now very much 'on trend'. Imagine your little guests following a set of paw prints into the party room where they can change into the costume of their favourite Paw Patrol character (you can even have a face painter on hand to turn the kids into dogs!) Then treat the kids to a range of party games – pass the parcel, treasure hunt and a piñata are always winners! When it’s time for lunch, you can create your own Paw Patrol style of food, from dog bone shaped sandwiches to hot dogs!

Superhero Parties

Superheroes remain on the list, everyone loves a Superhero! The Marvel Comics heroes are always popular with the boys – Spider-Man never goes out of style and the revival of 'Wonder Woman' has made superheroes 'on trend' for the girls too. Once you know your child's favourite superhero you can hire their hero to entertain the kids with face painting, treasure hunts, dancing, role-playing and so much more.  Check out our range of Superhero Parties.

Glamping Sleepover Parties

A rising trend is holding a party where your child invites a group of friends to stay over and 'Glamp' – Camping of the most glamorous kind! We have a great variety of Camping and Glamping packages – the younger kids can have gorgeous themed Teepees set up in the living room or the older kids might prefer to have a Belle Tent set up in the backyard, with a little space and privacy from the parents! There are also outdoor (or indoor) cinema options too! 

Whatever party you choose, we know your kids will love it!


Sara x

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