The Inspiration Behind My Best Gift

Published: 12th July 2016

Hi, I’m Sara Eastwood, the founder of

I’m so excited to welcome you to our site – it’s Australia’s only online marketplace completely dedicated to gifting kids’ experiences.

I started MyBestGift as I wanted to buy experience gifts for my own kids and couldn’t find anywhere that catered for little ones, big and small. I’m a mum to two young girls and for a while now, I’ve been looking for an alternative to buying more toys and playthings for every celebration. My husband and I would love our girls to see and do more, rather than to have more. I wanted the option of giving something more meaningful to them, as well as to our friends and family.

I spoke with other parents and confirmed we weren’t alone: many told me they would love an alternative to traditional giving. I dug a little deeper and found a movement of parents worldwide are uniting to combat consumerism and deal with the limitations of high-density living by saying ‘no’ to gifts. Those who insist on bringing gifts are being asked to give experiences, rather than traditional presents. 

All of my best childhood memories are of experiences; bouncing endlessly on the trampoline, summer holidays at my Grandparents house at Lake Macquarie and non-stop gymnastics, I was obsessed! And according to research, experiences can make us happy in a way that possessions can’t. Researchers exploring ‘happiness economics’ have studied the relationship between happiness and wealth for decades. There are lots of theories, but Dr Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University, has found that spending our cash on experiences tends to bring more lasting happiness than buying material items. A recent academic article by Gilovich and research partner Amit Kumar says experiences create positive anticipation, they help us build relationships, we’re less likely to compare them with envy, and – importantly – they contribute to who we are as people.

We’ve become a culture obsessed with materialism, where quantity seems to outweigh quality and meaning. Our kids are no exception. When they receive something shiny and new, the excitement is fleeting. The ‘shine’ quickly wears off and becomes the norm and the item is added to the toy box full of other bits and bobs that were also once exciting. Experiences, on the other hand, become part of who we are and something we can share. A shared experience can create bonds that last long after the experience is over.

It's for these reasons and more, that I decided to start Australia’s first experience gifting site, dedicated entirely to kids' experiences. I can’t wait for you to discover the range of activities available on for your little (and not so little!) ones: from music lessons to dance classes; driving lessons to skateboarding. I want to teach my girls to be bold, adventurous and willing to try new activities, so they can create lots of incredible memories. I hope can help you and your little ones create wonderful memories too.

Sara xx


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