The Alternative Advent Calendar

Published: 21st November 2017

Every year I struggle with navigating the world of Advent calendars. There's generally two options, either give our kids chocolate or toys every day, and neither appeals to me!

So this year, I've created an activities advent calendar to do with my kids and wanted to share the fun with you and your family. I’m hoping that my kids enjoy these 'experiences' and that we can start a new family tradition.

I hope you enjoy creating these fun memories with your kids, as much as we do!

Love Sara xx

Advent Activities Calendar

1. Decorate the Christmas Tree

2. Take Santa photos

3. Make your teacher a gift

4. Make Christmas decorations

5. Donate old toys

6. Make Rudolph biscuits

7. Write a thank you note

8. Go see the Christmas lights

9. Make Christmas Cards

10. Make a Christmas wreath

11. Read a Christmas story

12. Decorate a Gingerbread house

13. Hang mistletoe for family to kiss!

14. Make a snow globe

15. Take fun Christmas photos

16. Write a letter to Santa

17. See the Christmas Carols

18. Make wrapping paper

19. Give a gift to someone in need

20. Sing Christmas songs

21. Make Christmas crackers

22. Make Christmas pudding

23. Watch a Christmas movie

24. Make a snack for Santa

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