Teens Barista Course

Published: 13th July 2018

If you have a teenager at home who's ready to join the workforce, then this Barista course could be perfect for them, as they’ll be learning a new skill that could lead to their very first job

These days jobs are so competitive for teenagers that it’s a good idea to encourage your kids to do gain some skills and becoming a Barista is easier than you might think.  When you look at the most common jobs teenagers tend to choose for their first job, it’s generally a combination of work in fast food restaurants, a newspaper delivery, or work in a supermarket.

But with coffee being so incredibly popular in Australia, and with good baristas are renowned for being ‘worth their weight in gold’ what better idea than putting your teen through a barista course that's fully accredited?
My Best Gift has the best teens barista course that’s available in most capital cities:  Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Barista Course

Students will learn the following key skills;
- how to operate and maintain a coffee machine
- set the coffee grinder
- make all coffees on the menu
- foam the milk correctly
- and learn basic coffee art, such as love hearts and leaves! 
When the coffee school is over, the kids receive two nationally recognised 'Statements of Attainment' which would be a valuable job referral. They'll also need to practise and that means they'll be making coffee for the family to test out their new skills. 

Coffee Art

There’s also a separate ‘Coffee Art Workshop’ where the students are taught ‘Latte art,’ one of the most interesting and fun thing about making coffee. This creative and practical workshop is something teens can do after they complete their barista course, as it focuses on developing and refining the technique for steaming silky milk in order to pour amazing latte art.

Students will then learn the cutting-edge tricks using etching and free pouring to create hearts, flowers, leaves and their own designs. You'll improve your skills and become a better barista! Coffee machine experience is a prerequisite.

Barista Jobs

The job of a barista is now highly regarded and the media has been filled with articles claiming that top baristas can be big money earners – now that’s a fact most teens will find incredibly impressive! So it might be a good idea to talk to your teen about making moves towards securing that coveted first job – even more coveted if he/she lands a job as a highly valued barista; and the envy of most of their friends too!


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