Our Gypsy Adventure

Published: 27th May 2016

As Steph Dey prepares to set off on her ‘Gypsy Adventure’ an experience of a lifetime as a single mum with her delightful 3.5yo daughter Jahla, she shares her fears, hopes and dreams with us. Figuring out who you are as a mum can take time, Steph is my #InspoMum adventure, travel and bravery, on an amazing journey that I look forward to following. Sara xx 

My name is Steph I am 32 and I am currently preparing to pack my life into my car and take off on a journey to the unknown with my 3.5 year old daughter Jahla. I adopted Jahla from Ethiopia when she was 3 months old and we have been on quite a ride ever since. We have a couple of spots organised but the rest of the time we will be following life and trusting in its beautiful flow. Starting with the drive from Perth to Melbourne and all that’s in between, we will be camping, couch surfing, housesitting and whatever else comes in our direction. I have the idea to travel Oz, NZ and wherever else the journey takes us over the next year.

This adventure was nothing but an idea in April this year when a friend introduced me to the book Vagabonding: An uncommon guide to long term travel (Ralph Potts). It totally changed my perspective on travel, life and how to go about it. I’ve always loved to travel and have taken many short trips with my daughter but had never considered stepping off the edge into the unknown as a single mother. Time has flown and here I am sitting on the floor surrounded by half packed boxes with tears streaming down my cheek as I write, instead of packing. Ever the procrastinator, ever the last minute queen, the reason that I’m prolonging the inevitable, is that I hate goodbyes.

I feel overwhelmed with emotion, fear, sadness, excitement, adrenalin, more fear and a recent dose of heart-break. I’m being tugged in every direction until my heart is torn so wide open I can barely breathe and then I gasp for air and remind myself that this too shall pass. The tug of war is between my ego and conditioning that wants to play it safe, stay with what I know and close my heart to anymore hurt and the part of me that is longing to return to myself and be truly open hearted to life. I also want to prove that anyone can do anything regardless of their situation, there was awhile I played the poor me victim and felt limited by my circumstance as a single mum. No more waiting for prince charming for my life to start – I want to live it now!

What am I afraid of? Actually living a fulfilling life, breaking the societal mould, stepping out of the “norm”, being exposed to judgement, not knowing the “plan” and The Nullarbor (this road secretly terrifies me). All these thoughts swirl through my head and when written down I can see how useless they are to me! I guess the cyclic treadmill of life provides me some kind of comfort, yet the insanity of just working to pay rent over and over and over can no longer be ignored and I can no longer drown out the gypsy calling of my heart.

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