Our 4 favourite first birthday party experiences

Published: 19th August 2017

Woohoo, you survived the first year of parenthood! So your baby’s first birthday is as much a celebration of your sleep-deprived efforts, as it is about marking their special milestone.

Question is – how do you plan the perfect first birthday that’s meaningful for you, your baby, and the special people in their life…without losing even more sleep?

Here comes the good news: the simplest first birthday parties are often the best. They’re certainly less stressful! So before splashing the cash on a bunch of birthday gifts and supplies, consider turning your baby’s first birthday into an easy, unforgettable experience.

And to help, we’ve rounded up our 4 favourite first birthday activities and experiences. Take a peek:

Make it musical

Birthday parties can be pretty noisy affairs…which not all one-year-olds will love. Bursting balloons and setting off party poppers might scare them, rather than create a fun-filled atmosphere.

That’s why some parents plan their baby’s first birthday around music. From playing nursery rhymes to hiring a kid’s music band or booking music lessons, music can help set a calm vibe that also keeps your little one ¬- and their guests ¬- entertained.

Choose a themed experience

From a fun and memorable UnicornMini Farm party, and even a Disco and Karaoke party, there are oodles of incredible first birthday experiences on offer.

Perhaps your little one won’t be belting out Frozen tunes just yet, but the party atmosphere will provide plenty of stimulation. And let’s not forget, your baby’s first birthday is likely to be more about friends and family celebrating than it is about the guest of honour! So a themed birthday party can create an experience that’s memorable for all ages.

Add sensory stimulation

Another first birthday experience that’s sure to enthral your baby and their posse? A sensory development party. Often tailored to your party and guests, this involves games and activities designed for babies up to around 15 months. Usually, you can choose a theme to suit your party, and expect loads of bubbles, singing, props and scenes to stimulate and entertain your youngest guests – and their parents.

Just add cake smashing!

Let's face it: their face is going to end up covered in cake anyway. So why not go all out with a cake smash session? These are a tonne of fun and are bound to get the birthday boy or girl giggling.

The session usually includes a beautifully decorated, custom-made cake. A professional photographer then snaps away while your baby splats and smooshes and smashes the cake to their heart’s content. You can even choose a cute costume to dress your baby in. Some sessions even offer a bubble bath afterwards, to get bub cleaned up.

Plan your perfect first birthday party

As you can see, there are loads of activities and experiences that can help make your baby’s first birthday special. Looking for more ideas? Check out these birthday party experiences.

Sara x

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