My New Year's Resolution

Published: 24th January 2018

This year, my new year’s resolution is to share at least one of the adventures I do with my girls each month, and I’ve made it just in time for January with only a few days to spare! 

I’d been wanting to take Mila and Sophie to a ropes course for so long, but had to hold off until Sophie turned 3 years old, to be able to take them both. Soph turned three mid-December, so as soon as the Christmas festivities were done, I booked them in and headed out to Sydney’s Hills District.

Mila and Sophie have very different personalities; Mila’s very outgoing, will make friends wherever she goes and loves being in front of the camera. Soph’s much more reserved initially, will always take her time to get to know someone before she’ll speak to them – or even look in their general direction! But funnily enough, Sophie is much more adventurous than Mila, so I wasn’t too sure how this ropes course adventure was going to pan out…

They were both really excited about going to TreeTops ropes course, (watch the video to see Mila’s reaction when we arrived LOL!) I’d shown them some videos so they knew what to expect. Luckily I’d read up on how to prepare and what to bring for ropes courses, so we had the right footwear and all the other essentials and were ready to go.

Once we’d registered at the front desk, we walked up to the course and the girls started to get their safety gear on. I could see straight away that Sophie was looking a bit overwhelmed by it all, and she was by far the smallest child there, but she went ahead and got her helmet and harness on and sat down for the safety briefing with the rest of the group.

The instructors were great with the kids, took their time explaining the course, how to be safe and started them on a trial course just above ground level to get a feel for the ropes. At this point, Mila had made friends with a few of the other kids and was having a great time, but Soph just wasn’t feeling it. After the trial course she came to me and burst into tears and said she didn’t want to do it, it broke my heart to see her getting upset about it, so I told her that it was fine and she could watch Mila with me. We took off all of her safety gear and found a good spot to watch Mila make her way around the first course.

We watched as Mila reached the end of the course and came flying down the flying fox, grinning from ear to ear as she touched down and quickly unclipped herself to start another course. Sophie turned to me and said, ‘I want to do that mumma’ – now as I said, she’s quite adventurous, but given how she’d reacted earlier, I really wasn’t sure about sending her out on the big course… We went back to the safety area and spoke with one of the lovely instructors, who offered to go around the course with Sophie to make sure she could help her through any areas that she wasn’t sure about. Mila also then wanted to go with Soph, which helped her confidence having her big sister and a lovely instructor to guide her around the course.

As they set off, I gave her some cheesy words of encouragement, trying desperately not to let her see that I was actually quite nervous. Sophie’s only little (94cm to be exact) having just turned three, so as they turned the corners on the course, she needed help to swing the rope over each section, it’s not something she could reach on her own. Parents aren’t allowed on the kids’ courses, which I think is great for their independence and confidence, but in that moment, I so badly wanted to be by her side to make sure she was ok.

The reality is, she was totally fine, made her way around the course and arrived on the final platform for the flying fox with Mila and the instructor. Mila went first and had barely touched down when I looked back to see Sophie had already launched herself off the platform and was flying down with a big grin, so fast I barely had time to get the camera out!

The two of them were as happy as can be, Mila was relishing her big sister role, showing Soph the ropes, literally, and off they went for several more laps of the courses. I was bursting with pride at little Sophie overcoming her nerves and making it around and Mila for being such a good big sis, it made my day. 

It was a great family day out, both girls fell asleep in the car on the way home and have been asking non-stop when can we go back again. We will be back again soon, the only difference is next time, I’ll be doing the adults course, can’t let the kids have ALL the fun!

Looking forward to sharing our next adventure with you,

Sara xx 

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