Melbourne's Best Playgrounds of 2017

Published: 04th October 2017

Playgrounds aren't just about swing sets and monkey bars anymore. Instead, playgrounds today are fantastically built to encompass a whole range of activities that will be sure to keep the brood happy for the entire day.

With so many choices littered across Melbourne, we've found the best playgrounds that go above and beyond to reinvent children's play.

1. Royal Park’s Nature Play, Parkville

Proudly crowned Australia's Best Playground by landscape architects, this phenomenal play area is designed to encourage risk-taking in a safe environment. Packed with natural play elements, including scalable metal sculptures and tricky climbing structures made entirely from logs and ropes, Nature Play is a refreshing change to the usual run-of-the-mill playgrounds.

2. Village Park, Werribee

What better way to ring in spring than to take your little ones to water park heaven. Aside from common playground facilities such as slides and swings, Village Park’s water feature definitely takes the cake. From massive super soakers to an enormous spray tunnel— you name it, they've got it.

3. Booran Reserve, Glen Huntly

Costing a whopping $10.8 million to build, this newly developed playground boasts an impressive selection of play areas, suitable for all ages and abilities. This includes a gigantic water play area, an urban forest corridor and a double flying fox. The main attraction, however, is the huge intricate climbing frame that meets with a super slide at the top of the structure— perfect for older children who love a good challenge.

4. Megasaurus Dinosaur Playground, Cranbourne

Have a tot who’s obsessed with dinosaurs? Well, we’ve got the perfect playground for them. Transport your little ones back to the Stone Age with bespoke playground equipment that have been specifically designed to look like these magnificent beasts. Let your child swing freely from a nest swing attached to a pterodactyl, or watch them climb a 20m structure of a dinosaur skeleton; the Megasaurus Dinosaur Playground is a play space that dinosaur lovers won’t be able to resist.

5. St Kilda Adventure Playground, St Kilda

Located just off Neptune Street, this gigantic playground is what children’s dreams are made of. From various swings and slides, to more unusual play facilities such as huge trampolines, a go-kart path and a wooden castle with lots of nooks and crannies, this playground is chock full with activities that are bound to keep your kids entertained for hours on end. What’s more, there’s even a little kitchen area where you can make yourself tea and coffee while waiting for your little ones to explore.

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