Long Weekend #inspo

Published: 09th August 2016

The long awaited, long weekend is almost upon us!

We’ve compiled a Top 5 list of adventures for you to enjoy with the kids this long weekend #inspo


Take the kids to Vivid! We have a 30min cruise departing Circular Quay from 6pm onwards, it’s the perfect way to take in the visual spectacular and see all of the highlights, away from the crowds.
Age: 4years+

Test your mind in an ESCAPE ROOM

This is a fun experience that will keep your mind occupied! You will have to find clues, break codes and solve puzzles to escape. We have different levels for varying abilities. Who will be the one to break the code in your family? 
Age: 10yo+

Learn to fly in the FLIGHT SIMULATOR

An exciting taste of what it feels like to be an airline pilot and land over 60 tonnes of aircraft on the tarmac. Your instructor will brief you on the basic controls and help you through two take-offs and two landings at an airport of your choice. You can select from thousands of airports around the world!
Age: 10yo+


Visit Australia’s first and largest trampoline playground! This experience is for everyone who enjoys being active and has energy to burn, have loads of fun on our massive trampolines. Adult supervision needed for little ones.
Age: 2yo+

The WHALES are back in town

It’s whale season!! Take an exciting and unforgettable journey to see the whales in their natural habitat! Our high-speed boat will pick you up from Manly Wharf or Circular Quay for the ultimate whale watching experience.
Age: 12yo+

Check out the experience pages for more details and have an amazing looong weekend everyone!

Sara x

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