How to throw a low stress kids birthday party.

Published: 16th March 2018

If you've ever rolled your eyes at the calendar when you've realised it's your child's birthday this month and you have done absolutely nothing towards planning a single thing, then you wouldn't be alone.

Okay, it depends on what else you have going on in your life at the time and, relatively speaking a birthday party is a celebration and that should be a joyful time, right? It wasn't long ago that I was planning a 'traditional' birthday party for my twin boys. I'd arranged all the great party games that I'd loved as a kid – 'pass the parcel', 'egg and spoon race', 'treasure hunt' – the classics. You get the drift.

What I wasn't prepared for was twenty 4-year-olds running riot around the house, throwing the eggs at each other and crying when they didn't all get a toy in my 'traditional' pass the parcel (I refused to add a toy inside every single layer of paper!). 

But planning a birthday party shouldn't be a stressful time – that's if you choose low stress things to do.

My Best Gift has a fabulous range of birthday activities that are not only low stress, chances are there are things that your children and their friends might not have done before; guaranteed for that extra burst of excitement. 

Here's a snapshot of some low stress things to consider when planning your child's next party:

Low Stress Entertainment (everything's done for you)

TeePee sleepover party – this is for 5-14 year olds and the best thing is it all comes to you! All the preparation and decorating is done for you so all you have to do is play host.

For older kids, you can have the ‘Glamp-out party’ in your backyard for 6-16 year olds. This gives the kids a bit more independence and freedom and is set up in a very stylish tent with super cool lights.

If your child is an animal lover there's the Butterfly Experience Party where kids aged from 1-16 can hand feed some beautiful butterflies.

There's also a Mini Farm Party for the littlest birthday kids – up to 15 guests aged from 1-5 will love getting up close to the bunnies, pigeons, chickens and guinea pigs.

Gross Science is the perfect party for 7-12 year olds keen to make delightful things like fake snot, fizzy dandruff and other gross bodily liquids and functions. 

The Lego Robotics Party is for the 8-14 year old in your life who's obsessed with robotics. It's based on Lego's NXT or EV3 computer program, and kids will learn how to program their robot to do fabulous things like react to the clap of their hands and find their way out of a maze.

The princesses in your life can enjoy a Cinderella party, a Frozen partyRapunzel party and even an Alice in Wonderland party…..the choices are endless and, crucially, stress-free because you don't need to do much at all!

Low stress food options made easy

Food planning and preparation can be overwhelming but to keep it low stress go with simple. You could also get family members to bring their classic dish. The traditional party favourites are still always a hit like fairy bread, chocolate crackles, cupcakes, jelly and chips just to name a few. There are also healthier alternatives such as a sushi, popcorn, sandwiches, fruit wands and veggie sticks with dip. Remeber keep it simple and you can't go wrong. 

Very low stress party bag

And finally, one thing you should never stress about is the all-important party bag: I’ve seen so many parents go overboard with the goodie bag when there are only two simple things to do.

  1. Buy a pack of paper bags
  2. Buy a heap of mixed lollies and put them in the bag. Kids do not care about the packaging, they care that there are lollies inside!

Why not let My Best Gift worry about the entertainment, while you enjoy the party! 

Lj x


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