How to throw a cool kids birthday party!

Published: 25th July 2016

When your first child turns one, it’s a milestone that understandably, you want to celebrate. Not just because they’re one and on the cusp of turning from a baby to a toddler but because you survived that first year too! It’s momentous and the first birthday deserves a party.  Then as your kids get older and their little faces light up at the prospect of celebrating, the enjoyment you get from throwing a party grows and grows (or is that just me?).

But kids’ parties have turned into quite a production - there are themes and entertainers and party planners. I must have spent days and days scanning Pinterest and parenting blogs for ideas, only to discover my craft skills prevent me from actually pulling any of it off.
So, we’ve got the perfect solution for those who want to throw a super-cool party but don’t have the time (or in my case the skill) to DIY. Check out our favourite My Best Gift party experiences…

Bring your child's dreams to life with a Superhero Party! The superhero entertainers will exceed your expectations and capture your little one's imagination with a blend of storytelling, magic, games, dancing, a treasure hunt, balloons and face painting. Heading out on the next mission to save the world, our superhero will keep your child and their guests captivated from the moment they burst through the door. Superheroes to choose from include Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Buzz Light Year, Captain America and more!

Fairy magic for your little one all taken care of by professional entertainers who will make Fairy characters come to life and no doubt leave the children buzzing with excitement. Activities can include face painting, balloon bending, craft, limbo, treasure hunts and many more. Also included in your party package is a magic rug setting, a gift for the birthday boy or girl and a small gift for each child in 'pass the parcel'.

Bubble soccer
This new brand of the popular game brings a whole new meaning to ball control because players compete inside giant bubbles. Bubble soccer is a high-octane, hilariously funny and competitive party idea suitable for kids and teens of all fitness levels.  There will be lots of laughs as players bounce off each other as they race for the ball. There are different size ‘balls’ available depending on players’ age and height.

This is a truly unique animal experience, that comes to your home. Children will get up close and personal with adorable farm animals and your farmer hosts will keep the kids entertained and care for the animals. The party includes pony rides, piglets, lambs, sheep, alpacas, goats, chicks, ducks, rabbits and guinea pigs. Your friendly farmer hosts will teach the kids how to gently hold, hand feed and brush the animals.

Sensory development
A unique party experience that will provide precious memories for your baby’s extra special first birthday. These are tailor made to suit your party group and the team have a huge array of props and scenes to keep babies engaged, entertained and stimulated. There are always lots of bubbles floating around, which the babies love to watch and follow. To make this an enjoyable experience for everyone, all babies need to be accompanied by a parent or carer, with whom they can share this wonderful experience.
Most importantly, what you remember fondly about your own childhood birthday parties is more than likely the fun, not the ‘stuff’. I hope my boys look back on their parties and remember they were surrounded by people who love them, doing something they love.

Ellie x

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