How to plan the perfect unicorn party

Published: 13th September 2017

Sparkles, pretty pastels, rainbows and horsey games. There's a lot to love about a unicorn party! And we reckon it’s the perfect party theme, because you can plan it to suit your little princess (or prince) - whatever her age and interests.

To help you put together the perfect unicorn birthday party, we've collated all our favourite tips and tricks. From decorations to games and the all-important birthday cake, we've got you covered.

Step 1: Unicorn party invites

If you've already worked out all the essential details for your unicorn party - the day, time and venue - you can get started with the fun task of creating your unicorn party invitations.

The best news? Unicorn parties are all the rage right now. So you can probably find pre-made unicorn stationery online or at your local gift shop. But while it’s the quickest way to get the job done, making your own invites can be way more fun. It’s also a wonderful way to get your daughter involved in planning her party – and building excitement before the big day.

Our favourite homemade unicorn party invites? You could print out unicorn pictures and sticking them on rainbow coloured card. Or write each invite on unicorn-shaped paper, complete with a crepe paper tail. Just be sure to add plenty of glitter and sparkles!

Step 2: Choose your decorations

Now the fun really steps up a notch, because it’s time to get decorating. As any unicorn princess will tell you, it’s all about pink and pretty pastels (like lilac, pale blue and butter yellow), paired with white and metallics like gold and silver.

We've seen some stunning unicorn partyware – some sets are more bright and bold, while others are a little more regal and elegant.

For party hats, stick glittery horns onto headbands and your party will be filled with beautiful little unicorns prancing about.

Here are a few extra special touches you might like to add:

  • String fairy lights from trees or around the catering table.
  • Present guests with fairy wings and wands as they arrive.
  • Dress up as a fairy (and try to coerce your adult helpers to do the same!) Kids love seeing the grown ups get involved, and it will sprinkle a little magic on the event.
  • Hang streamers in the party space, and out front. Just avoid hanging them in doorways, as they tend do get pulled down pretty quickly!
  • Create a canopy for little unicorns to explore. You could use tulle or pastel streamers, and stick on some flowers, butterflies or fairies.
  • Stick stars on the walls, or make your own and hang them with string from the ceiling.

Not exactly a decoration, but you can even hire a real unicorn!

Step 3: Decide on unicorn party games

The perfect unicorn party has plenty of games and activities to keep the little ones entertained. Here are some of our favourite ideas:

  • Jewellery-making station
  • Unicorn cookie or cupcake decorating station
  • Wand-making station
  • Pin the horn on the unicorn
  • Unicorn piñata
  • Scavenger hunt with horse-themed clues

Step 4: Plan the food and unicorn treats

The final step is to arrange the food and treats. As always, be mindful of any food allergies - and ensure there are yummy alternatives on-hand for sensitive tummies.

Let’s start with the pièce de résistance: the unicorn birthday cake! Whatever filling you choose, you can simply ice a tall, round cake in white, paint on unicorn eyes (closed with long lashes looks lovely), top it with a swirl of pastel icing for the mane. Then pop on some painted cardboard ears, and a long candle for the horn.

Depending on your talents, you can create an even more extravagant cake. Or keep it simple with cupcakes or cake pops.

For treats, you could make unicorn cookies (the unicorn cookie-making station covers this!), unicorn doughnuts, or icy poles using moulds. And if you turn an ice cream cone upside down, you have an edible unicorn horn!

You might like to add a few platters of colourful fresh fruit and veggie sticks (carrots look like horns too!) to balance out the sugary snacks.

Other birthday party ideas

That’s it! You now have all the steps to planning the perfect unicorn birthday party. For more ideas, check out our fun-filled birthday party experiences.

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