How to plan the perfect baby shower

Published: 22nd October 2017

Are you planning a baby shower, but want to create an experience that’s truly meaningful – minus the daggy games and cringe-factor? We hear you. After all, celebrating the mum and bub-to-be should be all about creating memorable moments…and not so much about guessing the size of her belly!

So, we hereby give you permission to ditch the rulebook and plan a baby shower that’s special from start to finish. A party that’s all about treating the mum-to-be, and bringing together the people she loves most.

To help you get started, we've selected our favourite experiences perfect for your baby shower.

Pregnancy pampering

Did someone say pre-party pregnancy massage? Uh, yes please! We’re fairly certain this is the only way to kick off a baby shower in style and total bliss. And while the guest of honour is drifting off as her aches and pains melt away, the rest of the party posse are sipping champers and having fresh mani-pedis.

Yoga party

Who says baby showers have to be about awkward conversations while playing pin the nappy on the bottom? Scratch that. If downward dog is more your style (and if it is, you’ll be happy to know that science has approved the pose for mums-to-be), a yoga baby shower can be a real treat. Hire a yoga teacher to come by (perhaps before too many corks are popped!) and guide you and the girls through a gentle pregnancy-approved yoga class. Namaste.

DIY craft class

If you’ve invited guests who don’t know each other, a craft activity can be a fun icebreaker. From decorating cupcakes, to personalising baby clothes with special designs and messages, there are plenty of crafty things that will keep everyone entertained and engaged.

We also love the idea of a collective baby book. Each guest designs a page to go into the book – using pens and ribbons, glue and glitter to share a special story, memory or wish for mum and her bub.

Adding to that, you could pop Polaroid cameras around the room for guests to take photos during the day. They can add a personal caption to the photo and glue it on their baby book page.

For a more practical experience, you could ask guests to contribute to an advice book, sharing their nuggets of wisdom about life and motherhood. Like ‘You’ll thank God for caffeine” and “If you’re wearing a nice outfit, your baby will almost certainly poop all over you.” You know, invaluable advice.

Other baby shower experiences

These are just a few baby shower ideas to get you in the party spirit. Whatever you decide to do, we bet it’ll be perfect in every way. Even when it’s not. Just like motherhood…right?

And if you’re looking for more baby shower ideas, check out all our experiences for mums.

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