How to make the best slime!

Published: 07th March 2018

If you're ever stuck for a simple way to keep the kids entertained and you're not too fussy about the mess they're going to make, slime is always a fabulous option (and doesn’t always have to be messy – nor does it have to contain borax!)

It's safe to say there are tens of thousands of people who are obsessed with slime; a simple YouTube search will unearth a huge amount of tutorials and demonstrations. Perhaps it's something to do with the strangely satisfying texture, the fun of adding a variety of colours and glitter, as well as – for adults – the way slime brings out the child in all of us, whether or not we care to admit it.

There are a lot of slime recipes out there that contain Borax, which is a mineral that's used in cleaners, stain removers and deodorisers, but it's not a great idea to use it in slime. Why? There have been reports that Borax has caused burns in some people and, apart from that, there’s concern that it might cause mild skin irritations. So, with that in mind, it might be a good idea to avoid it.

Try to ignore anyone who tries to reel off a long list of ingredients to make your slime – you don’t need much at all.

How To Make The Best Slime! from MyBestGift on Vimeo.

Here's your checklist:

Cornflour, food colouring, water and either shampoo or PVA glue. This is your base and then it’s up to you to add whatever tickles your fancy: beads, plastic farm animals – and you can even add glow-in-the-dark craft paint to make it extra special.

Simple Slime Ingredients:

1 tbsp water

5 tbsp shampoo

Food colouring

½ cup cornstarch


Mix the water, shampoo and food colouring in a bowl until it’s mixed really well. Then, add cornflour and mix again but, this time, start using your hands to ‘mush’ all the slime together (that's part of the fun!) If you feel the slime is too dry, just had more shampoo.

If you'd like to make your slime with glue, here's a recipe that works brilliantly:

Slime with glue ingredients

1 tbsp water

Food colouring

5 tsbp craft PVA glue  

½ cup corn starch/flour


Mix the water, glue and food colouring a bowl, then add cornflour and mix, using your hands for this part of the procedure and, once again, if you think the mixture feels too dry, just add extra glue.

When you’re done, slime stores really well in the fridge or you can pour it in a glass jar for safe keeping.

Have fun! x 

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