How to have the best sleep over party

Published: 04th July 2018

A sleepover party is one of the best ways to celebrate your child’s birthday, no matter what age they’re celebrating! There’s something exciting for the guests to know they’re spending the night with their friends and, for the host, having their friends stay over makes the party extra special.

The other thing that’s great about a sleepover party is that the kids get to experience having a bit of independence, without parents constantly hovering over and organising everything. Let the kids chill out and play together without the adults constantly in the same room!

But a lot of planning goes into having a perfect sleepover party, but these days, it’s been made super easy for everybody – because everything can be done for you! Outsourcing your slumber party makes the whole experience stress free and picture perfect. Here’s the top 5 reasons to bring in the professionals;

1. They bring everything

That’s right, everything. Including the bedding, teepees, cushions, fairy lights and other styling pieces. You just need to provide the space and they’ll set it all up for you, while you relax and have a cuppa.

2. It’s styled to perfection

It looks so pretty! They are the professionals, so they know exactly how to give each and every party the wow factor, they’ve thought of all the little extra details. This is a party you’ll want to share on insta.

3. The choice of themes

There’s lots of options to suit everyone. From Unicorns to Minecraft, Shopkins to Superheroes, Boho and Safari, there really are themes for everyone.

4. All the washing is done

Usually the day after a sleepover party everyone’s pretty tired, because let’s face it, not much sleeping goes on. They’re usually giggling late into the night, which means parents are often sleepy too. The good news is, our professionals come and pack down the next day and take away all of the laundry, leaving you with your day to relax.

5. It’s stress free

They bring everything, set it up, and come back to pack it all away when it’s over. Now that’s a stress free sleepover party!

Interested? We bet you are! Here’s a few of our favourites for you to check out;

The Premium Unicorn Slumber party: this is a gorgeous Unicorn Wonderland! Your living room or bedroom will be transformed into this fantasy land, with  pale pink and blue tents featuring beautiful unicorn overlays, and an extra special tent for the guest of honour.

There’s even antique gold crackle lighting, hessian and lace bunting featuring gold glitter unicorns and tents adorned with fairy lights – what else could a party girl or boy want? There are also added features such as breakfast trays and unicorn tent naming chalkboards.

Teepee Slumber Party: If you really want to take your sleepover party to the next level, this one’s for you as it’s just like a camping trip, indoors!  There are some fun themes to choose from: ‘Wild Child’, ‘Pretty Posy’ and ‘Tween Dream.’  The Sleepover party also comes with cushions, lights and various styling pieces like buntings, garlands and rugs.

Luxury Indoor Glamping: An indulgently styled boutique sleepover party, for those whose who want a real room transformation with loads of wow factor! An indoor structure with beautiful drapery, that enables all the guests to be together. The styling is on point with pretty lights, drapes, breakfast tables and more that make us all want to re-live our childhood sleepover parties!

Camp Outside Slumber Party: This slumber party, with the unique outdoor bell tent, is incredibly popular as it gives the kids a unique sleepover experience they’ll all be chatting about at school! This extra special glamping night features a tent with a pegged-in-groundsheet, so that the sides can be rolled up if you like. All tents are fully waterproof and have bug-mesh windows allowing a fresh breeze to blow through.

So the next time you want a truly fuss-free party that all the kids are guaranteed to enjoy, don’t look past a sleepover party. The only challenge will be selecting which friends will be lucky enough to join in.

Happy slumber party!

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