How To Have A Plastic Free, Zero Waste Kids Party.

Published: 18th April 2018

If you want to get serious about the war on waste, cutting down on plastic should be a top priority. When it comes to throwing a kids’ birthday party, it’s not difficult to imagine how much plastic will be featured at the celebration and it's not just all those plastic presents we're referring to! (Note: remember it’s always best to give kids an experience over yet another present to add to the pile at home!)

From plastic cups to the plastic bags most snacks are packaged in, it won’t be long before your rubbish bins are filled to the brim with more and more plastic. So next time you hold a kids birthday party (or a party of any kind!) let's tackle the war on waste in the best way possible and make it plastic free.

Birthday party food

Zero waste parties are all about getting back to basics and it should start when you're actually shopping; instead of using a plastic bag take your own canvas bags.

Make your own dips; tzatziki, hummus and guacamole dips are super easy to throw together. Serve with sliced carrots, sugar snap peas, celery and cucumber. Buy plenty of Turkish bread which is great toasted and used to scoop up the dips.

 If you've never made your own dips before, you'll be amazed how simple it is and how much better they taste than anything you'll buy from the supermarkets.

Zero waste also means popping your own popcorn! You can buy kernels from a health food store in bulk, and season with salt or cinnamon. You can fill bowls with a selection of dried fruits, nuts, grapes and oranges cut into quarters. Make your own sausage rolls, muffins, biscuits and mini quiches but try not to overdo the food because the kids are always more interested in games and entertainment! For drinks, make your own lemonade or, to keep it really simple, water with slices of lemon and orange.

Table and decorations

Zero waste means using metal cutlery, real cups and also cloth napkins – you can always buy extra at an op shop if money is tight or borrow from friends or neighbours. When it comes to decorations, use paper hanging decorations available in most party stores – or you could go to a homeware store and find pretty cloth hangings to make the party look really special. Most kids stores sell 'baby bunting' with a variety of cartoon characters and you can always place flowers around the party area to make it look extra pretty.

Party bag

You can't forget the all-important party bag! (Or can you?) This zero waste party will only allow paper bags of course….and remember the contents shouldn't arrive via plastic! Bulk health food stores will have everything you need, from dried mango to protein balls and chocolate treats. But, if you really want to test the waters, maybe experiment with NOT having a party bag. Are they really that important?


If you're invited to a party and you're really serious about keeping the zero waste theme in your mantra then don’t forget kids don’t need yet another plastic toy to clutter up the living room – buy the host an experience. (or does that go without saying?!)

Have a fabulous ‘zero waste’ party!

LJ x

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