How to be plastic-free 

Published: 13th July 2018

Ditch the Plastic wrap!

If you want to get really serious about the war on waste or, more specifically, the war on plastic, have you considered your options when it comes to plastic-free wrapping? If you make a decision to never use cling wrap again, there are a variety of alternatives that are not harmful to the environment and are friendly to your hip pocket too!
Finding new ways to store your food can have a huge impact the war against waste, so we’e compiled some suggestions for you to try – remember, every small thing you do now can have big, positive repercussions for our world.

Plastic-Free Cloth Wraps 

Instead of wrapping everything in cling wrap, you can purchase some fabric or just use some tea towels to wrap your food and keep in the fridge. This is a super easy way to keep food fresh and protected – plus you can just put the cloth in the washing machine when you need to!

Plates on Plates

If you’ve got leftovers you’d like to keep in the fridge, instead of using cling wrap, a simple idea is to cover the bowl or plate with a plate. It’s a simple, effective way of protecting the leftovers and most people have plenty of extra plates that can be used – if not, then you can buy cheap second hand crockery at most second hand stores! You can even get your plates stacked upon each other so you leave plenty of room in the fridge.

Silicone Lids 

You can find silicone lids at most homeware stores or online. The lids are good to use on top of bowls and they can be used on hot pans too as they’re heat resistant. You can also use in your microwave for reheating food.

Glass Jars

You can’t beat a collection of glass jars when it comes to being prepared and committed to the ‘plastic-free’ movement as they are so handy. You can use them for leftovers, a place to store your salad, pasta sauce, and almost anything you can think of!  You can get glass jars in every size and they’re also great for organising your food into portions. If you’re only using glass jars for the current breakfast trend ‘overnight oats’ then start thinking about other ways to really utilise this handy storage, plastic free solution! You can also get the kids involved and paint the jars in fun designs 

Plastic-Free Sandwich Pockets  

These handy cloth ‘pockets’ are great for wrapping sandwiches and a variety of snacks from cheese to trail mixes.  They’re also dishwasher and washing machine friendly. They’re a great alternative to zip lock bags and cling wrap – plus you’ll not only be playing your part in saving the environment, you’ll be cutting down on your weekly shopping bill too!

Bees Wax Wraps

Hopefully now you’re fully inspired to stop buying zip lock bags and cling wrap because, with these great alternatives, you’ve got no more excuses!

These are wraps made from cloth that’s been coated in beeswax and then moulded around an object. They’re often made with extra ingredients, such as jojoba oil so they’re more flexible and are great to use as an alternative to cling wrap. They’re simple to make yourself and you can use any fabric, from tea towels to cotton fabric. The Bees Wax wraps can last for about 12 months and the best thing is that they are absolutely biodegradable.

We've give you our top tips for living plastic-free, we'd love to hear your suggestions too!

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