Gift Ideas for teens and tweens: it’s easier than you think!

Published: 20th July 2018

It’s probably fair to say that many of us struggle when it comes to buying that perfect gift for those notoriously tricky tweens and teens. Sometimes we can get a little stuck when it comes to finding the right gift when they hit their formative years. 

What you might have thought was cool back when you and I were teenagers, will certainly not register much interest today.
Gift ideas for teens and tweens is actually a lot easier than you might think! We've come up with a list of suggestions for teens and tweens because we could all use some help when it comes to pleasing this age group! 

Teens and Tweens Who Love Adventure

Climbing and Abseiling: If your teenager or tween is into some real adventure, then a day rock climbing, abseiling or at a ropes course will be a perfect gift. No experience is necessary for these adventure experiences, as you’ll be guided by qualified and experienced instructors. All equipment is provided (helmet and harness) and it's a great experience to do together, nothing like bonding, whilst hanging sky-high from a rope or zip-lining through the trees!

Surfing lessons
: If your child, over the age of 12, loves being in the water, surf lessons are always a good idea. You can give them a lesson, covering all the basics as well as surf and safety rules, or give them several so they can hone their skills!

Hipster Teens (and life-skills)

Barista lessons: You might have a teenager that loves the café lifestyle – if so, it’s never too young to start a barista course that could lead to a job in the very near future!  Your teen will learn how to operate and maintain a coffee machine, set the coffee grinder, make all coffees on the menu and foam the silky milk correctly. They’ll also receive two nationally recognised 'Statements of Attainment' which will be an invaluable job referral.

Fashionista Teens and Tweens

Teen styling: If you have a daughter aged 14 and over, chances are she loves shopping – so a gift that means she’ll have her own stylist is bound to please! The stylist works on four style boards suited to your body shape and preferences. On the shopping trip, the stylist will provide honest fashion advice, teach you how to mix and match and give you tips to avoid impulse buying. This is tween and teenager heaven!

Wildlife Loving Teens

Whale Watching: They may not want to visit the zoo these days, but if they love wildlife, we can guarantee they're going to love whale watching on a high speed jet boat! They'll get up close and personal with these curious creatures, as they often come up close to check out the boats. This is an experience to remember and one you could do as a family (if you're not cramping their style)!

The Easiest Gift Ideas for Teens

The easiest gift you can give a teen or tween, is a gift voucher. Let them choose their own adventure and they'll love you for it! And it makes life a hell of a lot easier for you, win win!

When it comes to gift ideas for teens, we've got you covered. We’re hoping anyone struggling to come up with gift ideas ideas for their darling tween or teen is inspired by this snapshot of gift ideas.

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