Family overseas? Meaningful gift giving for kids, is now easy.

Published: 02nd August 2016

When I first moved to Australia seven years ago I met a lot of ‘ex-pats’ who told me how much they missed friends and family and how they always planned to return to the UK eventually. They were here for an extended holiday essentially. That was never my plan. I always knew I wanted to build a life here, if I could. Sure, I missed my mates, fiercely at times, but I was lucky enough to have a wonderful network of old friends already in Sydney and I met my now-husband very quickly after arriving. The only person I really struggled being away from was my mum but through the wonders of Skype we still talked regularly and our relationship didn’t suffer.

Then I had my first son. I understood for the first time how hard it is being away from family when there are little people in the picture. Of course there are the obvious difficulties of being away from family – no babysitters on hand, for starters! But one of the things I know my parents (and other family members) struggled with, was choosing thoughtful gifts for my son when they had to take into account size and weight for postage. Invariably they ended up transferring me money and asking for me to choose something instead. Not quite the heartfelt experience they’d imagined.

Family and friends who live overseas (or interstate), now have a real option to give meaningful gifts to kids. Something they will really want and love, rather than something small and light! Kids delight in experiencing things rather than getting more ‘stuff’ so for long-distance family members to know they’ve been instrumental in creating those memories is invaluable. MyBestGift solves issue of meaningful gift giving for those near and far! Grandparents overseas could introduce your little one to ballet, or the joy of music lessons, or even treat the family to a whale watching outing. For teenagers, who can be tricky to buy for, they'll love receiving driving lessons as they move that step closer to adulthood. There's lots of options and all experiences can be exchanged, up until the point of booking. Easy. 

My boys’ grandparents couldn’t resist the lure of beautiful Sydney and now live here with us but at birthdays and Christmas, they still choose to give their grandsons experiences and make more happy memories together.

Ellie x

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