Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Fun For The Whole Family!

Published: 22nd March 2018

If you’ve ever set up an Easter egg hunt for your kids you’ll know there’s a lazy way to do it – just hide the eggs somewhere, anywhere in the backyard – and there’s also a not-so-clever way to do it. Anybody else with pets hid the chocolate eggs in the house only to have the dog find them first? (A trip to the vet and $200 later)

But if you’ve already decided that THIS year is the year you’re going to create a really fun hunt for the kids, here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Staging The Easter Bunny Visit:

First on the list is making it appear that the Easter Bunny has been. Staging the arrival of the Easter Bunny will add more excitement when doing the Easter Egg hunt so it's a nice idea to set this up the night before Easter. Start by leaving out a handful of lettuce or parsley, some carrots and even a bowl of water for the thirsty little guy. You could go a few steps further and get a cardboard box, lay it on its side with some hay or grass and make a little 'bed' for the bunny to take a well-earned pit stop.

Another fun idea is, just as many of us do the night before Christmas, you could even leave a key inside a ‘bunny hole’ in the dirt – the little ones will be ‘puzzled’ to realise the key has reappeared inside the house the next morning, the lettuce has disappeared and a basket full of eggs is waiting in the living room!

Simple Riddles Easter Egg Hunt:

Write up a set of clues using simple riddles and get the kids to solve the riddle to find the first lot of eggs. If you want to be truly creative then you can draw a map with a few ‘X-marks-the-spot mentions’ and trick them with an assortment of real eggs vs the chocolate variety. If it’s a rainy day you can move the hunt inside, the first clue could lead the kids to the laundry where eggs are hidden inside the clothes basket. A simple search on the internet will provide lots of riddle inspiration.

Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt:

Slap a coat of glow in the dark paint to your boiled eggs and get the kids to hunt at night. Or if you don’t want the glowing eggs, just hide them around the yard in the daylight and, when it’s dark, send the kids outside with their torches. (Just don’t expect them to wait until the morning to eat their eggs!)

Reward For Each Egg Found:

Go to the local park and get the kids to work for their Sunday picnic lunch – each group of eggs that they find will ‘unlock’ a variety of goodies to spread on the picnic blanket.

Local Charity Easter Egg Hunt:

Check your local paper for public Easter egg hunts – some are run for charities and only require a small donation for the kids to take part.

Cryptic Clues Easter Egg Hunt:

Hide the eggs in your yard but make it really hard for the kids to find them – come up with a cryptic list of items they need to look for before they get to the chocolates.

Treasure Hunt Apps:

Use your smartphone to make a treasure hunt. This would be a huge hit for tweens and teens – who might pretend they’re not into an Easter egg hunt but they might surprise you. There are a variety of apps that allow you to set up your own treasure hunt, such as http://www.huntzz.com/

Easter Egg Hunts are a fun way to get the whole family involved. We hope you have fun creating it as much as the kids love hunting. 

Happy Easter x 

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