Don’t Spoil Mum This Mothers' Day!

Published: 10th May 2018

Mothers' Day is one of those special days when we all like to make a huge effort to make our mum feel special – or if we are a mum, we appreciate our family showing us how much we are appreciated.

Sure, it’s lovely being presented with breakfast in bed, or taken out for lunch or dinner.  Some mums delight in being presented with a voucher for a day spa for a facial and massage.

But what many people might not realise is that for most mums, Mothers' Day is not all about being showered with gifts, it’s about feeling loved and spending quality time with the family she loves!

Do You Really Want Another Mug?

So, instead of spending money on scented candles, jewellery, perfume and yet another framed photograph of the kids, it’s time to think about what she would value the most – extra special time with her loved ones.

What Mums Really Want For Mothers' Day

Let’s face it, your children are the reason you’re celebrating Mothers' Day in the first place and, with all of us leading busy lives, it’s not always easy finding time in the day to just be together.  It should be a day when there is no rushing around and just time put aside to enjoy your family.

Fiona Nash is the mother of five kids and she’s told My Best Gift her ideal Mothers' Day – apart from not having to cook – is just being able to ‘hang out’ with the kids without any stress about having to get things done.

“I see Mothers' Day as an ideal day to just enjoy my kids. With seven of us, it’s not always easy to put time aside to all be together. Either one has a soccer match, the other might be having a music lesson, the older kids spend a lot of time with their friends and often I’m the ‘go-between’ person making sure everyone gets picked up on time!” Fiona says.

What's Your Ideal Mothers' Day?

“I would always appreciate breakfast in bed. Last year it consisted of raisin toast and a glass of orange juice, which is what I usually have for brekky so I loved that the kids actually took note of what I like to eat! Also, my husband and the older kids helped put together a picnic hamper – I didn’t even have to think about it.”

“We went to a local park by a river and after lunch, we went for a bush walk, which was really lovely. Then my husband and I had a glass of champagne while we watched the kids play with the football in the park. It wasn’t very eventful but it was peaceful and I had time to think about how divine my kids are and how lucky I am.”

My Best Gift’s Perfect Mothers' Day Ideas:

  • Take the kids for a family bike ride – choose a scenic spot to ride around and you can pack a picnic for pitstops along the way.
  • Go camping, even if it’s just for one day. Kids love pitching a tent and spending the day together as a family at a favourite picnic spot or local camping ground. It’s a fun, relaxing way to spend the day together.
  • Take a ‘Staycation.’ For busy mums sometimes, it’s most relaxing on Mothers' Day to have a day when you don’t have to leave the house. You could cook together, or start a craft project together, or go through some family photos and have a laugh together. Or you could watch a family movie together.
  • Go on a family adventure or just do something different that you don't tend to do with the family like catch a bus into the city and be a tourist in your own town.
  • Take a ball out the back or down to the park and play a game of soccer or basketball together. 

It’s all about bonding time, showing Mum that you love each other and, most importantly, that you enjoy just being together as a family. There’s not much else that will make Mum happy this Mothers' Day!

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