Celebrating Your First Christmas With A Baby

Published: 02nd November 2017

Christmas is a time for family and this year you have a new little one that is going to change the dynamics of the day. Here are a few tips for planning your Christmas gathering.


Gone are the days of late night shopping on Christmas Eve or frantically picking up last minute gifts. With a baby to contend with, you will be better off getting your shopping done early. Make a list of who you have to buy for, set a budget and then research. Buy online if you can and have it delivered, that’s going to be easier to manage than navigating a crowded shopping centre with a pram. On the flip side, create a list of gift ideas for your child for any family or friends who may ask for suggestions.


We will remember our children's first Christmas but unfortunately they won't, so it's up to us to create some memories for everyone to share in the future. Take plenty of pictures and then put them in an album. Buy a keepsake gift that can be kept for years to come or even passed down to future generations. Get a picture of your baby with Santa – but don’t be disappointed if your child cries, gets scared or leaves Santa a special "present" on his suit.

You may get excited and want to shower your little one with gifts but they will probably enjoy the wrapping paper or boxes just as much. Instead try following the four gift rule of something they Want, something they Need, something to Wear, and something to Read. This rule can be for you, Santa, grandparents or whoever. Your child won't know any different and as they get older they will realise gifts don’t grow on trees and they will hopefully be appreciative of what they receive.


Babies don’t always cooperate when it comes to cooking meals, so Christmas will probably be the same. This year it’s time to divide and conquer. If you can, share the responsibilities among several family members with each person supplying an item to share. If you have to cook then do what you can in the days and weeks beforehand. Christmas cakes can be made a week in advance, gingerbread men a few days out, roast meat the day before and then reheated etc. Also split the groceries over a few shops. Buy drinks a few weeks out, nibbles and chips in another shop and then leave all your fresh items like fruits, veg and seafood till the last minute. Also on the day, don’t be tempted to give your little one food they aren’t ready to eat. Christmas cake or pudding is delicious, but if Grandma’s recipe calls for a lot of alcohol-soaked fruit, then wait a few years before bub gets a taste test.


Christmas decorations are great but many can be hazardous for children, so before you start pulling the tinsel out and going crazy with lights think about what your baby will be able to get into. If your little one is still a newborn or hasn’t mastered rolling or crawling then you’ll be probably be able to keep the tree and decorations out as usual, just ensure you don’t overload power circuits and that items can’t topple over. If your child is a bit more mobile or attempting to stand or walk then you’ll need to come up with ways to keep them safe. Consider getting a playpen as a gift and use it to barricade the tree and presents. Don’t put decorations on the lower tree branches that can easily be chewed or removed. If necessary don’t put presents under the tree until after Santa has visited (if they are hidden somewhere then they are less likely to get damaged by curious kids of any age). Take a look at your decorations from your little one’s perspective and remove any temptations, that way everybody will have a safe and happy Christmas.

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