Best School holiday activities: Melbourne

Published: 13th July 2018

We've taken a huge chunk of the guess work out of school holiday planning by giving you some great holiday activity suggestions that are sure to please the whole family! It doesn't matter whether your kids are crazy about tech or into plenty of action, there are endless possibilities to keep them busy. Wondering what to do in the school holidays? Look no further!

What's on these school holidays?

School Holiday Circus Fun

There’s a fabulous circus bootcamp in Moorabin for kids aged between 5-12 where they’ll be taught a variety of skills like Trapeze, Tight Wire, Juggling, Hula Hoops and heaps more! Highly experienced coaches will teach the kids a huge range of new skills as well as make some juggling balls, watch a real circus video and have plenty of fun.

There’s also an Aerial Specialty bootcamp for kids over the age of 8, who’ll learn trapeze, silks, Aerial ring and Spanish web. This school holiday class is a great way for kids to explore their natural creativity and playfulness.

If you have a toddler and you're keen for them to have a great school holiday experience, there’s a special class for kids aged between 3-4 that gives your child their first experience of the circus!

Climbing and Abseiling Activities

This is the ultimate school holiday activity for your dare devil child! What could be better than climbing, abseiling, treetop walking or a zipline tour?
You’ll find the Otway Fly Zipline tour at Weeaproinah: it’s an extreme rainforest experience the kids will never forget! If your kids are aged over five, they can zip through the leafy treetops of the magnificent Otway Ranges from one ‘Cloud Station’ to another, suspended up to 30 metres above the forest floor.
Specialist guides will provide training and unique rainforest insights. This unique adventure is an exciting day out that the whole family can enjoy.
If you're closer to the CBD, in Southbank, your kids can have their first abseiling experience: they’ll descend seven storeys down the side of the building, facing forward. Imagine telling your friends what you did over the school holidays? Kids need to be aged seven and over, and rest assured their descent will be controlled by two safety personnel, guiding the kids every step of the way.

Barista course

Is there a budding teenage barista in your home? Yes? Then this Barista course is perfect for them, as they'll spend just five hours in the school holidays learning a new skill that could lead to a fun job!  Students will learn how to operate and maintain a coffee machine, set the coffee grinder, make all coffees on the menu, foam the milk correctly and learn basic coffee art, such as love hearts and leaves! 

When the course is over, the kids receive two nationally recognised 'Statements of Attainment' which would be a valuable job referral. Who's to say what this great school holiday activity will lead to in the near future?

Popular Attractions

Here’s a great school holiday activity for the young and young at heart: explore unique and fun-filled Mazes! Or maybe you prefer unlimited Tubing down the Hill or Canopy Walk over the six Timber Bridges? You can do it all at the Enchanted Adventure Garden at Arthurs Seat. You can make your way through the 3D maze, wearing 3D glasses, explore the three Bordered Hedge Maze, try the giant brain teezer puzzles, or ride down the hill on a colourful tube. 

There’s also a fun Kids Obstacle Course including swings, crawling through pipes and balancing on Wobble Boards.

A Merlin annual pass gives you entry into some of Victoria’s best attractions, Sea Life at the Melbourne aquarium, the Otway Fly treetop adventures as well as Legoland discovery centre. An annual pass also gives you unlimited entry into eleven attractions in Australia and NZ, plus a privilege pack, filled with goodies and discounts

So there's no need to feel worried about filling in the days these school holidays, perhaps your biggest issue will be choosing which fabulous holiday activity is perfect for your kids!    

If you feel like the kids have only just had school holidays and can’t believe they’re soon to be on holidays yet again, it might be time to take a close look at what fabulous school holiday activities you can line up in the nick of time!

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