Best classic party games for kids

Published: 05th November 2017

No party is complete without a bunch of classic games to keep your little guests entertained right till the very end. That’s right, we're bringing back some old-fashion fun!

The games that we have chosen have remained a classic for one simple reason: kids love ‘em! In fact, I’m willing to betcha that reading through this list will give you flashbacks of some great times that you used to have as a kid yourself. Further, the best thing about these games is that you won’t need anything fancy at all. Simply duck down to your local supermarket and buy some basic supplies, and you’re good to go!

If you need a refresher about how to play these age ol’ classics, we’ve put together simple step-by-step instructions to ensure your party is smooth sailing:

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

What you’ll need: A large picture of a donkey (or whatever animal your kid fancies), String (different colours), Sticky tape

Stick a picture of a donkey without a tail on the wall, and have the kids stand a few meters away from it. Blindfold each child and spin them around twice. Pass them one of the strings, with each child receiving a different colour, and point them in the direction of the poster. After each turn, see which tail ends up the closest to where it should be.

If your kid has a favourite animal that they love, switch up this classic and personalise it to suit their taste. For example, if your child is a fan of underwater sea creatures, you could change the game to “Pin the Tentacle on the Octopus”!

Musical Chairs

What you’ll need: Chairs, Music player, Speakers

Line a row of chairs up back to back, ensuring that you have one less chair than the total number of kids at the party. Turn up the tunes and let the little ones boogie their way in a clock-wise direction. When the music stops, they would have to scramble for a seat, and the remaining child standing will be disqualified. Take a chair away and repeat these steps until there is only one winner left.

To keep things interesting, don’t play similar lengths of music during each round. Keep the kids guessing by sometimes playing the music for a good 20 seconds, and other times, for a mere 2 seconds. It’ll be a sure-fire way to make this simple game a little more exciting!

Three-legged race

What you’ll need: Scarves or fabric strips long enough to tie two legs together, Ropes (x2)

Divide the kids into pairs, ensuring to match them up with partners of similar height. Have each team to put their arms around their partner’s waist, and tie their inside legs together with the fabric strips, so that each pair now has three legs instead of four. Mark the starting and ending point of the race with the two pieces of rope. On your signal, have each team hobble their way to the finish line.

Because this takes some co-ordination and getting used to, kids will truly learn that communication is key. How’s that for integrating a bit of learning into fun?

Egg and spoon race

What you’ll need: Tablespoons, hard-boiled eggs, Ropes (x2)

Indicate the start and end point of the game with the two pieces of rope. Line the children up at the starting point, and give them each an egg and a tablespoon. On your signal, the race begins and the children will have to try their best to be the first to reach the finish line, without their egg rolling off their spoon.

If the egg falls at any point of time, the child will have to start right from the beginning.

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