Best Christmas Games for the Whole Family

Published: 13th November 2017

Christmas is so much more than presents under the tree and gifts stuffed in stockings. It's a time to come together with family and friends to create incredible memories that you'll hold close to your heart for years to come; and what better way to create these memories than by playing some creative Christmas-themed games!

Here at My Best Gift, we've made a list (and checked it twice) of our favourite "Minute to Win it" style Christmas games to add to the festive cheer!

Shaving Cream Santas

What you'll need: Whipped cream, Plastic spoons, Paper Towels

Divide the group into pairs, with one person playing Santa, and the other as Santa’s Barber. The Santas cover the bottom half of their face with whipped cream. On the start signal (this can be the jingle of a bell to add to the Christmas spirit), the barber will have to use their plastic spoons and "shave" their Santas as quick as they can.

The winning team will be the first to have a clean-shaven Santa!

Christmas Carol Pictionary

What you'll need: Pen, Paper, Timer

This game takes a festive twist on a classic favourite. Before your family and friends arrive, prepare a couple of cards with the name of a Christmas carol written on each side.

When the game begins, split everyone up into equal teams. Players in each team take turns drawing. When the timer begins, players will have one minute to illustrate as many Christmas carols as they possibly can. Go until the first team reaches fifteen points.

*To make it a little more difficult, each player is only able to skip one card per round.

Rudolph’s Cotton Ball Game

What you'll need: Cotton balls, Vaseline, Bowls, Stopwatch

Have everyone sit in a circle. Dab a little Vaseline on the tip of each player's nose. Scatter a bunch of cotton balls in the middle of the circle, and place an empty bowl in front of each player.

On your mark, players will have a minute to pick up the cotton balls with their nose, and unload it into the bowl with their hands firmly clasped behind their back. When the timers up, the player with the most cotton balls in their bowl wins the game!

Snow Shovelling Cotton Ball Game

What you’ll need: Cotton balls, Bowls (x2), Spoons, Blindfold, Timer

Get two big bowls and fill one of them up with cotton balls. Have everyone sit in a circle, and blindfold the first player. The aim of the game is to transfer as many cotton balls from the bowl that’s filled up over to the empty bowl in 30 seconds.? Sounds easy? Well, don’t let the premise of the game fool you. Players will only be able to feel the weight of the spoon and won’t be able to tell if they've actually managed to successfully scoop up any cotton balls.

Candy Cane Fishing

What you’ll need: Large candy canes, Small candy canes, Bowls

Fill a large bowl with lots of the smaller candy canes, and place it in the centre of a table. Have all the players sit around the table and hold a large candy cane in their mouth, with the hook end down. Hands have to be clasped behind their back.

When the timer begins, players have to use the candy cane hook to pick up as many of the smaller candy canes as they can, and place them in their individual bowls. The player with the most candy canes in their individual bowls after a minute is the winner!

Gingerbread Tower

What you’ll need: Graham crackers, Icing, Paper plates

Provide each player with graham crackers and icing. They would each have a minute to build the best tower using these materials. The player with the tallest tower after one minute wins!

If younger children are involved, this game can also be played in teams as well.

Santa Limbo

What you’ll need: Rope, Pillows

Have two people hold onto each end of the rope, with everyone else lined up behind it. Players should all have a pillow stuffed under their shirt in order to give them a jolly Santa belly. This makes the game a little more challenging but is sure to add a lot more laughs!

Blast your favourite Christmas tunes and have everyone take turns to do the limbo without touching the rope - if you do, you’re disqualified. After each round, lower the rope and repeat the steps. Continually do this until only one winner remains.

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