7 Fun Free Activities To Do These School Holidays.

Published: 16th March 2018

There are plenty of school holiday activities for your kids that won't mess with your budget and might even spark a long-term passion for something surprising – you never know what a mindful bushwalk can do for those young minds!

Here's a list of some fun activities you can do these school holidays that your kids will enjoy and mostly involve Mother Nature.

The Beach

Whether it's summer or winter there's no beating a beach activity. Swimming, body surfing, board surfing and stand-up paddle boarding are all obvious but don't forget good-old beach cricket or just a long walk on the beach, taking in the sights and feeling the sand beneath your feet. I can't think of a time when either of my girls have ever refused a visit to the beach.

A Bushwalk 

Kids of all ages love a bush walk, exploring the local wildlife and, for parents, it's often a great chance to have a good chat with the kids – particularly teenagers who apparently don't exactly get excited about having face-to-face heart-to-hearts with parents! It's also a great way to get the day's exercise as well as start a craft exercise – with the girls, we often collect leaves and gum nuts and other bits and pieces to make a collage later.

Bike Riding 

A holiday bike ride is always a lot of fun – you might have a place near you that's very 'cyclist friendly' or the kids might just enjoy riding around the 'burbs. Most cities have designated bike paths, just choose a section that’s super safe and with great scenery too. Perth has the most amazing bike paths around the city and Swan River, so check out what will work in your city too.

Backyard Camping 

Why not pitch a tent in your own backyard, camping is something kids of all ages love to do, even if it's only in your backyard. There is something about sleeping outdoors and star gazing that makes our hearts young and full.

Treasure Hunt 

This is more for younger kids but it's always fun to set up a proper treasure hunt, if you create a basic map and bury some 'treasure' somewhere it's even more enjoyable! If it's a rainy day, make the treasure hunt inside and, if it's a hit, then get the kids to make a map of their own and encourage them to involve some obstacle courses so the hunt is extra tricky. Make sure the final treasure is something really worth searching for!


Half a day in the kitchen can be loads of fun whether you're making cakes with plenty of thick gooey icing, slime, bath bombs or, for the older kids, teach them how to make their own 'signature dish'.

Galleries and museums 

School holidays usually means an abundance of kids' activities at the local museums as they often put on a special school holiday theme such as historical explorers, dinosaurs or giant spider displays. If your kids haven't spent much time in an art gallery, this could be a perfect chance to educate them about art as well as getting the little ones accustomed to being in an art gallery. While some exhibits do cost money there is often great displays open for free. 

And of course, there's nothing wrong with having a 'Netflix & chill day' as well – remember kids need a rest as much as you do!

Sara x

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